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" chameleon has tremendous resources and most importantly a calm and collected manner of working.  I hope to work with chameleon again in the future and would consider this company top of my list for events anywhere in the world "
Tracie Lorie, Senior Vice President of International publicity – New Line Cinema

Chameleon Event Management construct engaging and flawlessly executed events.

We’re in this business because we love it. We work closely with our clients to create flawless, elaborate productions and event management solutions for audiences as small as 2 and as large as 500,000.

Our core service offerings are:

  Creative production
We know how to put on a memorable show and we have the network & resources to infuse it with innovative, never been done before creative flair. We can do this on a luxurious small scale, or with a monumental big bang.

Technical production
Whether you need an intimate environment setup for a handful of guests, or masterfully executed entertainment on a massive scale, chances are we have already done it.

Entertainment booking
Chameleon Event Management's extensive network in the entertainment industry means we can find and book almost any entertainment provider you need. Our network belongs to you.

VIP management
From arranging special requests, personal pickups, booking flights & chartering private jets to negotiating deals with luxury hotels - our experience coupled with a trusted and time-tested network of suppliers will ensure your VIP's will get the treatment they deserve.

Sourcing & Procurement
You need 20 confetti guns, 27,000 party nibbles and a medium sized hot air balloon all by tomorrow ? Not a problem.

Media Management / PR
We can get you the coverage you need. Alternatively, if it ’s coverage you don’t need we can also help you stay away from unwanted attention.

Food and beverages
Our broad range of contacts in the hospitality industry enables us to tailor the right combination of food and beverages for your event. The catering can be minimalistic and elegant, or as luxurious and decadent as you like.


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